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Good Credit Corporation full range of fittings are aesthetically designed and manufactured to provide practicality and security to tempered glass assemblies, such as Tempered Glass Door Fittings, PVC Seals W/Weather Strips, Glass Clamps, Shower Door Hings, Handles & Knobs,

PVC Seals & Wipes and Reinforcement Bars for Shower Screen.Door Rails, Hand Rails, Sliding Door System, Floor Spring, Concealed Overhead Door Closer, G-Tech Pivoting Door & Sliding Door System, G-Tech Partition System, Lever Hinge & Lock, Spider Fitting...etc. If you are looking for high quality products, GCC is your best choice. In the field of architectural fittings for glass doors high quality and total design flexibility are essential for ease of installation, safety and functionality. GCC Will be happy to help your special design requirements, for any doubts, please contact your nearest GCC distributors for any technical

assistance on parts and services, or contact us directly. GCC reserves all rights to make product modifications or engineering changes without notification.